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Who we are

UCAN Virtually is a virtual reality company enabling
industries for the 4th industrial revolution. Our
key focus is centred around education solutions
for 21st century skills development using
immersive and interactive virtual reality content.

UCAN Virtually means just that, “You Can Virtually.”

We specialise in virtual, augmented and mixed reality
solutions for teaching and learning.

Learning today just got more immersive

Mission Statement

To teach and learn any subject matter or content with the use of Virtual Reality.

Goals and Objectives
  • Create a fully functional online/offline virtual classroom
  • Convert traditional digital content into an immersive, interactive virtual reality experience
  • Make Virtual Reality affordable
Wide variety of applications

VR for all your active learning

The future of virtual & mixed reality will lie within the quality and ease of access to immersive, interactive and relevant content, whether it’s for education, communicative or entertainment purposes.


From Early Childhood Development to Higher Education


From business enhancement tools to employee training

Special Needs

Eclectic teaching approach through VR activities and immersive interaction


Want to take your syllabus to the next level and teach using the technology of the future?


Want to turn traditional education into an immersive, interactive virtual reality experience?


Are you NGO, Department, School or university wanting to find out more about virtual reality? 


Are you a student? Register to learn more about the latest VR enabled courses!

What is Virtual & Augmented Reality?

Computer-generated interactive environments that are seemingly real.

VR is closed and fully immersive

VR puts users inside virtual worlds, completely immersing them

AR is open and partially immersive

AR puts virtual things into users’ real worlds, augmenting them

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School Kids in South Africa
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Test Scores Increase
Why VR for Education & Learning?


Students or employees are completely immersed in the subject matter.



You can learn on your own or inside digital classrooms, anytime and anywhere.



Easy to create and learning materials can be reused and distributed to a wide audience.

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Education is the most
powerful weapon which
you can use to change the world.

 – Nelson Mandela

As a startup in an emerging market it has been established that there is
a need for education transformation solutions for both Students and Teachers.


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